Absences & Makeups

Though consistent attendance is strongly encouraged, up to two excused absences per month may be rescheduled as makeup classes.

Makeup Policies(click to expand)

  • All studio absences and makeups are scheduled through our customer portal website. See below for links.
  • Every excused absence generates a makeup “token” as soon as the class is missed.
  • Up to two excused absences per month will generate tokens.
  • Absences logged at least three hours before class time are excused.

    Why three hours? With limited class sizes for personal attention, makeup spots are created by absences. This gives another student a chance to use your spot, and opens spots for you. Log absences as far as one-year in advance.
  • Typically, you will be able to schedule makeups same-day or next-day.

    When extra space exists, you may occasionally see more options open.
  • Once a makeup has been scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled.
  • Typically, tokens may be redeemed for a makeup for four weeks after the date of a missed class.
  • If Art Steps cancels a class, the token can be redeemed for makeup within six months.
  • Students must be actively enrolled for the month to participate in makeups: scheduling, attending and viewing tokens and makeup activity.
  • A new makeup spot appears whenever a parent creates an excused absence, so check back often!
  • Please log all absences to allow other students to make up and to help us schedule teachers.
  • Tuition credit and refunds are not given for poor attendance or missed classes.
  • Questions? Call us! 714-524-2248

For In-Studio Students

Please choose a location below to visit the customer portal for your selected studio:

For Art Steps Online

For absences only: Click here to log your absence on your customer portal.
To schedule a makeup: Email us, or call our office at 714-524-2248.
Be sure to schedule makeups within the same week of the missed class.