During these challenging times, we're all working to keep our kids engaged and entertained, with activities that enrich and promote growth.

With these needs in mind, Art Steps has created Art Steps @Home, an online version of our program that provides the quality step-by-step, hands-on art instruction that our families have come to expect. We bring our award-winning curriculum to you, allowing students to participate in a virtual class in small groups with a caring, highly-trained teacher. There they'll receive clear, guided instruction along with one-on-one on-screen coaching. And this is all done with simple supplies that you already have!

At this time when children and teens need structure, personal attention, and a creative outlet more than ever, we're excited to lead the way in at-home creative instruction, providing:

  • Development of solid, foundational skills
  • Personal connection with a kind, caring, highly-trained teacher
  • Accountability & support in continuing quality practice each week
  • Substantial progress in developing skills
  • All from the comfort of your own home!

Materials to have ready for class: Computer or iPad/tablet, a pencil, pink eraser, scratch paper (we recommend a 1/4 sheet of blank letter-sized paper), a black or dark marker, and crayons and/or colored pencils. Your child may pursue paint and other media based on teacher recommendation.

For more information, or to contact us about signing up, email us here, or call our central office: (714) 524-2248


There is a place that artists go, when they are deeply, authentically learning and creating, called “the zone.” In this space, when an artist is truly focused, committed and calm, time seems to disappear. As the eye sees line, shapes, value and color, the chatter of daily life falls away, and that artist achieves flow: a state of healthy, peaceful presence.

Why doesn’t everyone experience this? Why do people sometimes give up before achieving that flow? It’s because we get stuck. When we're on our own, obstacles and distractions often cause frustration and self-doubt, and we drift away.

This is where an expert personal guide makes all the difference. In yoga, a good teacher can gently redirect a student over and over, refocusing attention, and causing that student to dive deeper into the present moment. The mind is in a peaceful, healthy and creative state. This is our goal. With a one-on-one mentor to guide them past those little obstacles, our students achieve that flow.

It is a joy for our expert teachers to watch students online, guiding them in refining their work! With "the zone" in mind, each student is taught personally, in two vitally integrated ways:

  • With 20 years of hands-on experience teaching in our award-winning program, Owner & Director Hilary Key personally walks through techniques for every student, gently and expertly demonstrating a video tutorial at your child’s appropriate artistic level.
  • An expert teacher with 100+ hours of training and countless teaching hours in our program personally provides frequent encouraging feedback in critique and coaching sessions in small groups.

Students love this approach! We can’t stop smiling at all the artistic success we see, and so many students fully engaged in that vital sense of presence, and glowing with pride at what they have achieved. There is a place where artists go, called “the zone." We’ll meet you there.

For more information, or to contact us about signing up, email us here, or call our central office: (714) 524-2248

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