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All summer long and for special school-year weeks, we enrich our world-class classical drawing and painting curriculum with engaging lessons in clay and paper sculpture, art history, figure drawing, portraiture, cartooning, and much more! Whether it's your first time at Art Steps or you're already stepping toward mastery, there's always something new to learn!

In-Studio Camps & Online Camps!

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Calling all artists, ages 4-18! Sharpen classical art skills while having FUN! Individualized, age appropriate instruction lets young artists of all skill levels immerse themselves in a full week of drawing, painting, and sculpting what they LOVE! Now Online! Enrollment opens in the Spring!

Register online, or call our central office: (714) 524-2248

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Anime & Cartooning WorkshopAges 7 and up

Learn to create original Anime characters, including your personal favorites! Basic cartooning principles are taught by breaking images into whole shapes before drawing them. American and Japanese cartooning are taught alongside proportion and anatomy. This is a great workshop to revisit, year after year!                           

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Faces & Figures WorkshopAges 9 and up

Drawings of people become more life-like when you study fundamental proportions of the head and the human body. Gain a deeper understanding of the human form, while using great master copies and photo references to help create more polished, portfolio-ready pieces. Beginning artists are welcomed for this introduction to figures, while teens will find it a useful springboard into college-level instruction.

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Monster Clay WorkshopAges 6 - 13

Develop real skills of observation while crafting adorable monsters! Draw a monster and sculpt it in 3-dimensions! Then create your own design, and your own pop-up background! 

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Storybook WorkshopAges 4 - 7

Calling all little artists! This multimedia workshop is especially designed to meet your child's early developmental needs. Students will use various media to draw, paint and sculpt their favorite characters from books, while singing songs, playing games, and having oodles of fun every step of the way!

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Pokemon Palette of Art WorkshopAges 7 and up

Learn a different medium each day!
-Draw a favorite Pokemon
-Sculpt and paint a Pokemon character
-Create a paper pop-up Pikachu
-Make a pokeball fro your character to live in!

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Art History Adventure WorkshopAges 8 and up

Time travel through the history of art! Paint a true fresco like ancient Greeks, crack a real egg to make your own paint like Medieval masters, apply gold leaf for manuscript illumination, practice Renaissance perspective, and much more!

Hands-on, up-close imagery accompanies discussion for greater understanding of five major eras from Cave Paintings through Modernism. Active participation and enthusiastic teachers make art history come alive!

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ONLINE Cartooning WorkshopAges 8 and up

Learn to create your favorite images by breaking them down into whole, easy-to-draw shapes, like a professional! Practice real skills while learning about the comic book and animation industry techniques. Stick around for an online art show at the end!

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ONLINE Perspective WorkshopAges 9 and up

Online students LOVE discovering how to make drawings look 3-D every time, using two kinds of perspective. Apply classical principles to a a fully shaded frameable art piece. Learn a bit of art history while developing a highly useful skill that will send your art game to the next level!

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ONLINE Anime WorkshopAges 8 and up

Spend a full week practicing carefully rendering Anime characters and learn to create your own! Learn to see the most important shapes so that your favorite characters are easy to draw. Learn Japanese manga style drawing, and have fun with Pok√©mon, too! 

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ONLINE Portraiture WorkshopAges 9 and up

Drawings of people become more life-like when you study fundamental proportions of the head. Using charcoal, learn the basic measurements from a front and side profile view, step-by-step with an instructor's help, and practice shading facial features as well. Finish the week with another portrait!

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