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All summer long and for special school-year weeks, we enrich our world-class classical drawing and painting curriculum with engaging lessons in clay and paper sculpture, art history, figure drawing, portraiture, cartooning, and much more! Whether it's your first time at Art Steps or you're already stepping toward mastery, there's always something new to learn!

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Calling all artists, ages 4-18! Balance the school year with engaging creativity! Kids use a variety of media to sharpen classical skills through whimsical projects. Fun meets focus with single-day and multi-day workshops for every budding young artist. Students hone drawing, painting, and sculpting skills, and hand-craft keepsakes, holiday gifts, and other seasonal treasures. As fall days get shorter, a variety of workshops keep the light of inspiration glowing. Enrollment opens in the Fall!

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Woodland Creatures Clay WorkshopAges 7 and up

Turn your backyard into a magical fairyland! Build a fairy door sculpture and a sculpey unicorn, deer, bunny, fairy, owl, wolf and more! Artists draw, sculpt and hand-paint all projects. Beginning through advanced students are welcome. This educational clay workshop will bring fun, focus and magic into your young artist's spring break!

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Cartoon Clay WorkshopAges 7 - Teens

In this hands-on studio workshop, students are taught using a step-by-step process from inception to the finished piece. Students learn to sculpt and paint some of their favorite cartoon characters, as well as learn how to make the 3-dimensional houses they live in together. Students will get excited to see their characters come to life while learning basic sculpting methods. Multiple materials and techniques are introduced in this workshop to inspire interest and creativity.

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