Art Steps News & Notes!

Summer Workshops are on Their Way!

January 21, 2021

Calling all artists, ages 4 to 18 -- NOW is the time to sign up for Summer Workshops, both in-studios and online! Click here to learn more!

Save $50 on each additional weeklong in-studio camp! 

Focus meets fun with clay, portraiture, cartooning, anime, and more! Sharpen classical art skills while having FUN! Individualized, hands-on, age appropriate instruction lets young artists of all skill levels immerse themselves in a full week of drawing, painting, and sculpting what they LOVE! Workshops are limited this year, so follow the link above to save a spot and register online!

Should safety precautions still be necessary in summer, in-studio camps will be socially distanced, and we will modify curriculum as necessary to avoid any teacher being near a student more than 15 cumulative minutes for any given day. Accommodations may include bringing the class outside for periods of time or increasing demonstrations in front of the class instead of hands-on instruction. 

We are excited to make summer WONDERFUL for campers through their love of art!