All summer long and for special school-year weeks, we enrich our world-class classical drawing and painting curriculum with engaging lessons in clay and paper sculpture, art history, figure drawing, portraiture, cartooning, and much more! Whether it's your first time at Art Steps or you're already stepping toward mastery, there's always something new to learn!

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Calling all artists, ages 4-18! Sharpen classical art skills while having FUN! Individualized, hands-on, age appropriate instruction lets young artists of all skill levels immerse themselves in a full week of drawing, painting, and sculpting what they LOVE!

Half-day workshops:
Only $280/week

Multiple workshop/sibling discount
2+ per family: $50 off per workshop

Early registration discount
Sign up in April and receive an
additional $30 off per half day
workshop, with tuition paid in full!

Register online or call your local studio:
Yorba Linda  (714) 524-2248   •   Mission Viejo  (949) 454-9555

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Anime & CartooningAges 7-Teens

Anime & Cartooning

Learn to create original Anime characters, including your very own Anime style self-portrait! Basic cartooning principles are taught by breaking images into whole shapes before drawing them. American and Japanese cartooning are taught alongside proportion and anatomy.

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PerspectiveAges 7-Teens

Amaze your friends and family by making objects look ultra-3-D! Once students feel comfortable using 1-point perspective, two-point perspective is introduced for a new level of sophistication. Advanced students may even attempt 3-points.

Subject matter and media depend on the student's skill level and interest, so beginners are welcome. This artistic concept is fundamental to all types of art from cartooning to design to classicism, so serious art students are encouraged to join!

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Cartoon ClayAges 7-Teens

Clay Sculpture Clay Sculpture

In this hands-on studio workshop, students are taught using a step-by-step process from inception to the finished piece. Students learn to sculpt and paint some of their favorite cartoon characters, as well as learn how to make the 3-dimensional houses they live in together. Students will get excited to see their characters come to life while learning basic sculpting methods. Multiple materials and techniques are introduced in this workshop to inspire interest and creativity.

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Figure Drawing & PortraitureAges 9-Adult

Drawings of people become more life-like when you study fundamental proportions of the head and the human body. Two days of drawing from a live, clothed model create a deeper understanding of the human form, while great master copies and photo references help create more polished, portfolio-ready pieces. Beginning artists are welcomed for this introduction to figures, while teens will find it a useful springboard into college-level instruction.

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Advanced Drawing Ages 10-Adult*

Take drawing to the next level by choosing subjects with personal meaning, generating ideas through sketches, creating thumbnails, practicing color studies, using perspective, drawing in 3-D and more. Students 10 and up, teens and adults who have had taken a minimum of three months* of Art Steps classes can learn to build a better drawing through exploration, planning and practicing professional construction and finishing techniques, and bring home their best artwork yet.

*Newer students may participate with teacher's recommendation.

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A Palette of ArtAges 7-Teens

Shake it up! Learn a different media each day:

  • Cartoon Paper Sculpture
  • Portraiture
  • Cartooning
  • Clay Sculpture
  • Animé

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StorybookAges 4-6

Calling all little artists! This multimedia workshop is specially designed to meet your child’s early developmental needs. Students will use various media to draw, paint and sculpt their favorite characters from books, while singing songs, playing games, and having oodles of fun every step of the way!

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